This forum is a platform for students to strive with each other which promotes talent and discover new and innovative ideas among them. It gives a future business front-runners a break through from class rooms into the dynamic and competitive world through a business related events which test their skills, knowledge and expertise them to meet up the challenges of today’s world.

Objective: It aims at creating a stage for the brightest minds of the country to showcase their skills through a variety of events that are uniquely challenging, as well as highly entertaining.

Convener : Asst. Prof. Poornima Bai

Members :
Asst. Prof. Rajesh M

Asst. Prof. Sowmya L

Asst. Prof. Vanitha H

Asst. Pro. Nikesha M

List of events

1. Collage

2. Product Launch

3. Business quiz

4. Entrepreneur Day

5. AD making

6. Mock Stock

7. Best Manager

8. Photography