ASC Degree College


About and Objectives:

Likhitakshari is the literary forum of ASC Degree College, which aims at cultivating a socio-cultural awareness in the students through various literary activities and workshops. It instills a pride for the nation and its native culture, along with universal approach in rationale and morale of the students.

Convener : Asst. Prof. Akshata Jaiprakash

Members :

Asst. Prof. Naveen Kumar GS

Asst. Prof. Reshma E


Proposed Activities for the Semester:

1. Caption Writing Competition (Any Language)
2. Guest Lecture from Dept of Kannada
3. Story Telling Competition (Mythology) (Any language)
4. Riddle Solving competition – Kannada

Previous Events:

1. Slay the Slogan competition Slay the slogan competition was conducted on 30th July 2019. 2. Girish Karnad’s Life and Work Speech Competition

Essay and Caption Writing competition 2019

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