ASC Degree College


In more than four decades of my interaction with young minds, I have perennially seen the changes in challenges they face, the shift in priorities they plan, the giant impact of technology that these young minds are exposed to. It is indeed a matter of serious concern when one contemplates on such issues, but there is a brighter side of the narration too. These young friends of mine are blessed with invincible magnitude of energy, astonishing competence to successfully manage multi tasks, startling receptivity levels and beyond all a relentless urge to be ushered towards excellence.

Since its inception ASC has been attempting constantly through all its endeavors to strive for accomplishing the lofty mission of Nation Building.At ASC we strong believethat life making, man making and character building education can alone be a strong and potent panacea for all social evils. ASC has emerged as a center from where, not only doctors, engineers, chartered accountants and other respectable professionals have emerged but from where inspiring and sensitized respectable citizens of India have resurged.

ASC has always been and will always continue to be committed to excellence; our vision is to contribute in a humble yet cognizable manner in nurturing a young global Indian. At ASC the primary focus is on wholesome development of student’s personality. Careful and ample care is taken to ensure that every academic attempt is directed towards wellbeing and growth of student's life. ASC hence is an institution which promises to bring a difference by being different

I invite you to be a part of us in our expedition towards excellence.

- Prof.Harohalli Sreepadarao Anantha Murthy