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Bachelor of Business Administration

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Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA

Examination conducted in the Semester Scheme of 6 semesters.

Business management studies give students a complete roundup about running and maintaining a business. Business students are not only taught the basic principles of management as per text books but they are also given real life scenarios to examine and present as cases so they can bring these principles to life. Business instructors use cases and hands-on projects to show students how things can go right or wrong depending on how a business is managed. The purpose of most business management programs is to breed future business leaders. Today it takes a good management education to be able to successfully attend interview for a mid-or upper-level position.

Career Opportunities :

MBA is the most desired option after graduating out of the BBM. Job opportunities are also available in many sectors including consultancies, educational institutes, financial organizations, marketing organizations, MNC’s and public sector enterprises.

Eligibility :

A minimum aggregate of 40% in PUC or any recognized equivalent course.